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Amazon MP3 Download Page -- Here you can find our station’s picks for the best MP3 Downloads for smooth Jazz & Inspirational music through our affiliate Amazon.com. Located at Utopia Music Store.

Music Samplers -- Four genres of music from contemporary Jazz, Gospel, Oldies and Inspirational. Our music cd labels include - CrusisenJazz, spiritually.com, hotwax series an African Spirit, and if you enjoy what you hear you might want to check out the discounted 4 cd sets. For those collectors of vinyl we will have some special LP’s and 45 pieces coming to the Utopia Music Store soon.

Utopia Studios -- The audio and video department handles research and development and maintains the music and video archives, which includes the editing and astering. Plus our unique “Track Master” which records background music tracks for singers, poets and groups. So if you’re looking for a musical arrangementt we can help. You can call or email contact@sirius-b-group.com we also will be selling rare vintage movies and documentaries.

Utopia Communications -- Operates, Park Avenue & Nostrand Productions, Outside the Lines Entertainment and  CruisenJazz/WPMJ  Radio Station.

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