Tired of listening to the same old music on those other stations, do you know when a song is coming on before it is played? Listen to music in a bold new way, on the fastest growing radio station on the World Wide Web. We specialize in new artist tracks as well as never before heard music. Cruisenjazz/WPMJ @ SHOUTCAST.COM. Let us be your Stress Reliever. Free Therapy is available, just set your computer to the fastest growing radio station on the Internet set your computer to the fastest growing radio station on the Internet. The future of music is here today. That relief is now available 24/7. Just log on to .SHOUTCAST.COM and go to Cruisenjazz/WPMJ. The ultimate station for unique music, Cruisenjazz/WPMJ therapy for todayís world.

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Cruisenjazz/WPMJ is now up and running on In order to listen to the Station you need to download one of the players above, for example the Winamp Player above. Click Online Services from the column on the left, on Jazz Click Smooth Jazz and on the list click Cruisenjazz/WPMJ.

Our scientist has been in the laboratory working day and night on a formula to extract the Cruisenjazz/WPMJ from the smooth jazz, and finally had success.

No commercials, no gimmicks, no contest to get you to listen, just the best cruisenjazz on or off the world wide web. There is smoothe jazz, and now itís Cruisenjazz/WPMJ. (The Difference) you be the judge!

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